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33 Ways to Monetize a Website Blog

33 Ways to Monetize Your Website/Blog

Making money from your website isn’t a myth. It’s doable by anyone. In fact – turning a part-time, hobby blog or website into an income-generating asset is fairly common with a bit of luck and some hard work. At the very least, you should be able to make enough to cover your basic expenses for […]

Best Email Marketing Services

Best Email Marketing Services (2022)

Email marketing services have been around for decades. As part of online marketing, email marketing is still the most effective marketing strategy today in terms of Return on Investment (ROI). Around 4 billion people globally used email in 2020. This number is estimated to grow to 4.6 billion by the year 2025, according to a […]

How to Increase Website Traffic

How to Increase Website Traffic

The question of how to increase website traffic never gets old. Blogger, business owner, or seasoned digital marketing pro — you will be always chasing down new untapped traffic sources and trying out new traffic strategies. Rightfully so since search engines and social media networks constantly change their algorithms. So how to drive traffic in […]

How to Build an Email List

How to Build an Email List

Social media platforms, online messengers, and collaboration software comes at a go. But one tool always stays in use among both businesses and consumers — the email. Email is one of the most popular and effective channels for communicating with your audience with an ROI of $42 for $1 spent. But to see such returns […]

Mobile Marketing Statistics Featured Image

81 Mobile Marketing Statistics for 2021

51 Free Business Advertising Ideas to Boost Your Brand Visibility

51 Free Business Advertising Ideas to Boost Your Brand Visibility

If you’re a small or online business owner, chances are you need solid marketing to boost the visibility of your brand and increase traffic to your website. In the past, marketing campaigns needed a large budget to be successful, but in 2022 there are plenty of advertising ideas you can choose for free. The main […]

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Featured image

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Becoming an affiliate marketer in 2022 is easier than ever. The top reason people choose affiliate marketing is that it makes monetizing content easy. Plus, it offers room for big profits — 35% of affiliates make at least $20,000 a year. That’s a lot of money, considering once your content is out there, you’ll keep […]


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Online Business Ideas

27 "Easy to Start" Online Business Ideas for 2022

Will 2022 be the year you will finally create a profitable online business? You’ve thought about it every year. You’ve gone over countless online business ideas in your head and imagined what your life would be like if you could quit your job and generate money on the internet. You could travel the world with […]

Side Business Ideas

Side Business Ideas

Something tells us that this year people will be much more eager to search for viable side business ideas than usual. The world is changing rapidly these days, and many people find themselves in situations where keeping up with the current economy proves difficult. This is where side business ideas come into the picture. When […]

Evaluating Online Resources: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Evaluating Online Resources: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Everyone and anyone can create content online. Today, it’s hard to determine whether an Internet resource you find is authentic or not. Evaluating online resources is an important step in any research process. Identifying trustworthy content should be part of your research journey. If you’re looking for factual resources, search through newspaper publications, TV news, […]

Website Accessibility (Best Practices)

Website Accessibility (Best Practices)

When creating a website, there’s a lot of factors to consider. For example, it’s especially important to ensure your site is user-friendly for all people equally. This is where website accessibility practices come into action. So what exactly is website accessibility? It’s a practice of guaranteeing sites to be equally available to people with disabilities. […]

Website Usability_ How to Test and Improve

Website Usability: How to Test and Improve

Web usability is fundamental to the success of any website. If a site is challenging to use, then it will not only be frustrating for users, it will also damage your business. Users will spend less time on a site they find hard to use and give up before completing your calls to action. They […]


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How many websites are there

How Many Websites Are There in 2021?

How Many Websites Are There? Last Updated: 05/28/21 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Share It’s estimated that over 1.7 billion websites exist, but this number fluctuates daily, as websites are launched or lost. Despite the ebb and flow, the Web is massive and 4.5 billion people across the world contribute with online interactions.  […]

how many blogs are there? 65+ blogging statistics and trends

How Many Blogs Are There?

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110+ Types of Content to Boost Your Traffic in 2022

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for new types of content for your website, you’re not alone. Finding ideas for creating new content is one of the top challenges content creators face. Another common challenge is getting stuck in a content comfort zone, meaning that when a content format seems to work with […]

Web Hosting Statistics

Web Hosting Statistics

The hosting market has grown to huge proportions over the course of the last 25 years since we first had a need for hosting. It’s an industry that didn’t even exist before the invention of the Internet. By now, it’s one of the backbones of modern society and the economy. To give you a better […]

Popular CMS by Market Share

Popular CMS by Market Share

If you’re new to the world of content management systems (CMS), here’s a super-simple definition: Content management systems allow the non-techies of the world to create full-scale, working, professional-looking websites without having to touch a bit of code. We’ll walk you through the top 10 most popular CMS platforms by market share. We’ll also dig […]

50+ Online Business Statistics

50+ Online Business Statistics

Running an online business has many benefits. In 2020, that’s the lesson a lot of big and smaller companies had to learn (often the hard way). No one was prepared for the havoc, disruptions, and all-around panic that COVID-19 created. So if you are wondering just how many online businesses are there and how they […]

Website load time statistics

30+ Website Load Time Statistics

85 eCommerce statistics to know in 2021 with a laptop behind it

85 eCommerce Statistics to Know in 2021

It’s never too early to start thinking about and planning for the holiday shopping season — especially if you want your e-commerce website traffic and sales to spike. To ensure your site is ready for what’s to come in November and December of 2021, it’s a good idea to look back at the holiday e-commerce […]

Average Web Hosting Uptime For 32 Hosts

Average Web Hosting Uptime in 2018 For 32 Hosts

Average uptime of 32 shared web hosts is 99.59%. The average website is offline 3 hours per month due to web hosting downtime. Many surveys have indicated that uptime is the number one factor when choosing a web host and although most, if not all, web hosting services “promise” 99.99% uptime, it’s not the case […]

30+ WordPress Statistics & Facts

30+ WordPress Statistics & Facts

Curious to know why WordPress has long been the most popular content management system? Then, you need only look at the numbers. There are many reasons why WordPress has stood the test of time. And when you look at these 35 eye-opening statistics from 2020, you’ll quickly come to realize what it is that makes […]

Internet Stats Facts

Internet Stats & Facts (2021)

The Internet is in constant change so needless to say Internet statistics may differ from each other from one year to another. Rather than leave you with old or irrelevant data to reference and share, we regularly revisit and revise our list of Internet facts and hosting statistics. Internet Statistics 2021 1. There are 7.83 […]

44 of the Best Designed Websites in the World (2021)

44 of the Best Designed Websites in the World (2021)

Web design is one of the main factors that determines whether a user will stay on your website. In fact, 94% of first impressions are related to your website’s design. A good website design should be simple, functional, and consistent with your company’s branding. More specifically, the best-designed websites use a grid-based layout (you should […]