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How to make the most out of your marketing campaigns? This is a question that’s constantly on every marketer’s mind.

Here’s a little hint:

A professional landing page closes the deal and helps increase your sales efficiently.

So today, here at WebsiteSetup, we are comparing the 7 best landing page builders that will go a long way in helping your business bloom.

We will take a look at what features these landing page builders offer, how easy they are to use, and how much they will cost you. At the very end, we also have a comparison table, which you can jump to if you are in a hurry.

But without further ado, let’s find the landing page creation tool that is most suitable for you.

1) Instapage – Starts $199/month


Let’s start with Instapage – a popular dedicated landing page builder.

Instapage offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, which enables you to move and resize elements pixel by pixel.

To create your landing page, you can start with a blank page or one of their responsive templates. The default designs are a great starting point and you can choose from a library of over 200+ templates in more than 20+ categories.

In order to fully customize your page, you can add free stock images (more than 33,000,000 available), custom Google Fonts and Typekit Webfonts, as well as write custom CSS code.

Throughout the process, you can keep track of your work easily with their built-in page version history.

With Instapage’s cheapest pricing plan you can also perform unlimited A/B testing, customize your own blocks with Instablocks and save them for reuse with other campaigns. Some SEO settings (as well as social media images) can be edited, and you can optimize your landing page by enabling dynamic text and image replacement.

Once your landing page is ready, you can easily track the success of your email marketing campaign with built-in heatmaps and more than 40+ integrations. These include WordPress, Google Analytics, and over 2000+ additional integrations available through Zapier.

You can try all these features out during the 14-day free trial, but once the trial ends (or as soon as you reach 2,500 unique visitors), you will be automatically upgraded to the Business plan ($199/month, billed annually).

This will give you all the features you need for a small or medium-sized business: 30,000 visitors a month, 30 published landing pages, and advanced conversion analytics dashboards. If you decide that you don’t want to pay for their premium plan, you will have 24 hours to request your money back.


2) Unbounce – Starts $81/month


Next, let’s take a look at Unbounce.

Their landing page editing software is quite easy to use but takes a little time to get accustomed to.

They have a decent drag-and-drop feature, which enables you to quickly move all elements from one section to another, adjusting the distances pixel by pixel. However, the interface is quite sensitive so it’s easy to move things around accidentally.

The menus and options for editing each element provide enough settings to fully customize your landing page, but it might take some time to find the exact tweak you are looking for.

Nevertheless, the whole process is still quite easy.

You can start creating your landing page from scratch with a blank page or choose one of their responsive templates. With more than 100+ beautiful templates available, you can find one that you won’t have to spend too much time customizing. If you have experience in coding, you can use custom CSS code to edit each section separately.

In addition to that, Unbounce offers:

  • custom fonts and hundreds of Google Fonts
  • a gallery of more than 550,000+ free images from Unsplash
  • A/B testing
  • dynamic text replacement

Currently, Unbounce does not have built-in heatmaps, but you can make use of integrations like MailChimp, Automational, and Zapier, to help keep track of your marketing campaigns.

Generally, Unbounce does a great job when it comes to features and value for money. You won’t have to spend anything right away, though, as they offer a 14-day free trial.

Their cheapest plan ($81/month, billed annually) includes up to 500 conversions, unlimited landing pages, sticky bars, and up to 20k visitors.


3) Leadpages – Starts $37/month


With the following service provider, you can create landing pages, pop-ups and alert bars, or even a whole website designed to convert visitors into leads.

So, let’s take a closer look at Leadpages.

Like many others, Leadpages offers a drag-and-drop page editor, but with this particular editor, you can’t drag an element quite anywhere you like. The possible drop area with preset padding is highlighted when dragging.

On the one hand, this means it might be difficult – if not impossible – to get the exact result you are looking for. Especially if you already have a very specific idea of what you want your landing page to look like.

On the other hand, you can get a stunning design quickly, as Leadpages offers a library of more than 200+ responsive templates that don’t need much changing.

Nevertheless, making the template your own is easy with the built-in Premium Shutterstock gallery. You can further customize the page with custom and Google Fonts, available through custom CSS.

The whole landing page building process is made even easier with the “Leadmeter” tool – a helpful checklist at the top of the page.

Among other features, Leadpages enables you to edit some SEO settings, like page keywords and descriptions, as well as social media previews.

To get started with Leadpages, you can first have a 14-day free trial, but after the trial, you will be automatically upgraded to a full subscription.

The cheapest plan on offer is the $37/month (billed annually) Standard plan. This gives you one website, but unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars, as well as unlimited traffic and leads. For unlimited A/B testing and SMS campaigns, you will need to purchase the $74/month Pro plan.

The Standard and Pro plans should be enough to create conversions for small and medium-sized businesses without too demanding needs.


4) Wishpond – Flexible Pricing (Free Trial Included)


We’re almost halfway through with our 7 top tools for creating professional landing pages.

The next builder on the list:


The first thing you have to know about Wishpond is that you’ll need some time for the signup process, as their website can be a bit complicated to navigate at first. And after signing up, you will be shown a 12-minute introduction video, which you can’t skip.

This does give you an idea of their approach to customers, though. They really want to ensure all their users know exactly how to make the most of Wishpond’s services. They even offer free one-on-one training courses, in addition to many other learning resources.

Regardless of the sign-up process, once you get to the landing page building process, you’ll find Wishpond to be a quick and simple tool

With the drag-and-drop editor, you can move elements pixel by pixel. Sometimes the elements will snap in place quite easily with regard to other elements, though.

To make editing easier, Wishpond has added a very useful feature for keeping the desktop, tablet, and mobile views consistent – “Optimize Layout”.

When you make changes to the desktop version of your page, you won’t have to go over other views manually. Instead, you can optimize the layouts and your changes will take effect on all views. You might have to make little adjustments after optimizing, though, to ensure each view looks great.

Wishpond pricing is not available on their website, but you can contact their sales representative via live chat to get more information about the pricing. There’s also a possibility to get a free trial.


5) Ucraft – Freemium / Starts $10 per month


Next on our list, we have Ucraft – a website builder tool that offers free website building with free hosting, in addition to a free landing page creator.

Ucraft lets you design powerful marketing campaigns with a simple drag-and-drop editor. Like with Leadpages, you can’t move an element quite anywhere, but you are restricted to the general structure of the template.

The 100+ templates are already well designed and rather quickly customizable with the help of Ucraft’s convenient image gallery tool. You’ll have access to free images from Unsplash and Nounproject directly through the editor, so tailoring your landing page is quick work.

If your brand already has a strong image, you can upload any font you need, in addition to Google Fonts being available. Should your brand already have a domain, you can easily connect it – or buy a new domain name through Ucraft.

Throughout the landing page building process, a handy checklist named “Progress” is available. With its help, you can make sure you take the necessary steps for creating a high-converting landing page. Should you run into any trouble, then 24/7 live chat and email support are always at hand.

Although Ucraft’s interface is generally well designed, the landing page templates are not accessible through your “My sites” overview page. In order to create a new landing page, you will have to specifically navigate to the Landing Page Creator tool.

Regardless of this little inconvenience and the fact that they don’t offer built-in A/B testing, Ucraft is a great service for quick and easy landing page creation. Especially so with a decent free version and 14-day free trials of all plans available.

If you need additional features like SEO tools, Google Fonts, and custom CSS, you can always upgrade your plan. The cheapest option – Pro Website plan – is an affordable $10/month (billed annually). More advanced plans are available, too, so both small and medium-sized businesses can find a suitable option.


6) HubSpot – Starts $45/month


HubSpot is probably the most comprehensive sales and marketing tool among the services reviewed today.

Featuring a landing page editor with drag-and-drop functionality similar to Leadpages and Ucraft, you won’t have to spend too much time getting the perfect design. Their huge template library features more than 6000+ free and paid templates (including for blogs, emails, websites, etc.).

You can replace default template images with your own uploads or purchase Shutterstock photos directly through the editor. In addition to the numerous available fonts, you can add Google Fonts.

So, building a great-looking landing page is simple, but where HubSpot really shines, is the array of marketing tools at your disposal. Their heatmaps will quickly and efficiently tell you where your visitors are clicking and where not, whereas real-time tracking will let you make changes as soon as necessary.

Furthermore, you can integrate over 100+ apps and web services, as well as over 1000+ additional apps through Zapier.

With HubSpot, you can pretty much cover all your marketing needs – even if you run a high-profile enterprise.

Still, there’s something for small and medium-sized businesses, too.

HubSpot offers a free version with email marketing tools, form creation, and contact management, among other things.

To get access to the landing page builder you can start a free 14-day trial of the Marketing Hub Starter plan, which costs $45/month (billed annually). This plan includes ad management, live chat, forms, email marketing, and ad retargeting. If you want A/B testing, though, you will have to get the Professional Marketing Hub plan, which comes at a price of $800/month (billed annually).

Altogether, HubSpot is a great all-around service to cover your marketing, sales, and customer service needs. But it’s probably best suited for medium-sized and large businesses.


7) Sendinblue – Starts $65/month+Tax


The final entry on our list of 7 top tools for creating professional landing pages is Sendinblue.

Once you’ve registered with them, you can start creating a landing page either from scratch or by using one of the numerous available templates.

You can use their straightforward drag-and-drop editor, which works similarly to Leadpages, Ucraft, and HubSpot. So Sendinblue’s editor might not be the perfect fit if you already have a very specific idea of what you want your page to look like. But it’s probably the simplest editor on our list.

When editing your landing page, you can switch between desktop, tablet, and mobile views, to ensure your user flow is great on all devices. To make a template really fit your brand well, you can easily add custom fonts with a link. Free stock images are also available and can be added or edited directly through the landing page editor.

Just as the landing page builder, Sendinblue’s marketing and analytics tools are also quite straightforward and easy to follow. You can add various integrations, such as WordPress, Google Analytics, Convertful, and more than 1000+ additional integrations through Zapier.

Sendinblue does not offer any free trials, but they have a Free plan for email and SMS marketing. To access Sendinblue’s landing page builder feature, though, you will have to subscribe to the Premium plan. This will cost $65/month plus tax, which will be added at checkout.

With the Premium plan, you will also have access to heatmaps, Facebook Ads, unlimited automation workflows, and A/B testing.

All in all, Sendinblue is a decent straightforward service that will cover most of your needs, unless you have very specific demands. They have several pricing plan options, which are best suited for small and medium-sized businesses.


Comparison Table

This comparison table takes a look at each reviewed landing page builder. All entries are based on either their free versions or the cheapest plans with the landing page building feature unless mentioned otherwise.

Landing page builder planDrag and dropA/B testingBuilt-in email marketingBuilt-in heatmapsIntegrationsBest for
InstapageBusiness, $199/monthYesYesNoYes1000+ with ZapierAll businesses
UnbounceEssential, $81/monthYesYesNoNo60+ & 900+ with ZapierAll businesses
LeadpagesStandard, $37/monthYesYes, with Pro planNoNo40+ & 1000+ with ZapierAll businesses
WishpondFlexibleYesYes, with Everything You Need planYesNo300+ & 1000+ with ZapierAll businesses
UcraftFree / Pro Website, $10 per monthYesNoNoNo20+ with Pro Website planSmall and medium-sized businesses
HubSpotStarter Marketing Hub plan, $45/monthYesYes, with Professional Marketing Hub planYesYes460+ & 1000+ with ZapierMedium-sized and big businesses
SendinbluePremium plan, $65/month (plus tax)YesYesYesYes30+ & 1000+ with ZapierSmall and medium-sized businesses

* Prices are applicable with annual plans.